Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sometimes Temple Work can be simply miraculous, when you least expect it ....

    My wife and son walking to the Rexburg Temple before experiencing a simple "miracle."

IT is October 8, 2014.
I'm heading back from Yellowstone National Park with two family members and we have a plan and the time to visit two temples on the way home for some temple work.
My original plan is to go to the Idaho Falls Temple and then Logan, Utah Temple.
However, as I approach Rexburg, I feel prompted to go there first.
"Why?" I thought. The other two temples are historic.
A strong feeling to go to the Rexburg Temple persists and I finally ask my wife about it. She and then my son agree to do just that.
We enter the temple and inquire if any sealing work is needed. Go upstairs and ask was the reply.
We dress and go upstairs.
A sealing session is in progress. An older woman, who can't hear well, has a list of family names being done. We are quickly invited in -- not a second of waiting here!
We go in and the temple sealer not only pronounces our last name correctly (very rare), but takes particular interest in my son, who leaves on a mission to Hawaii in 5 weeks.
(Also, talking is done very loud for the elderly woman's benefit, another rarity inside any temple.) 
We do some sealing work, marriage and family sealings.
The spiritual feeling was so strong and uplifting that this family wanted ALL their work done as quickly as possible.
Some of the temple patrons in the room had to leave for other commitments. The work only proceeds because we are there.

We were there for a reason, I felt we were called off the freeway to go there and help finish that family's work.
I felt if I would have had the gift of the spirit that involves seeing through the earthly veil that day, that I would have seen happy people around. (Two of my family members not present that day do have that spiritual gift.)
I left the sealing and temple so uplifted and joyous for having done simple work that these deceased people could not do for themselves. Less than an hour commitment in time was all this took.
Yes, visiting Yellowstone on that trip was a treasure, but only of the eye candy variety -- something you could see and appreciate.
At the Rexburg Temple that day, it was what I could NOT see that was so monumental and everlasting though.
Yes, this was a very simply kind of miracle. Nothing earth-shattering, but makes you wonder what other promptings can and should be heard that you don't pick up on because of worldly conflicts and interference?
I should work hard to include temple visits in future vacations and trips.

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