Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 3 Most Unique LDS Temples of All ...

WHAT are the three most unique LDS Temples to be found?
They are the Salt Lake Temple, the Jordan River Temple and the Ogden Temple


1. The Salt Lake Temple is the flagship temple in the church. 
It required the longest time to be built (40 years) and includes far more symbolism on its exterior than any other temple.

                  The Richard Flygare wedding in the Jordan River Temple.

2. The Jordan River Temple is the ONLY church temple ever built that didn't use any church funds for its construction.
Besides land being donated for its construction to the church (representing the only exception since the 1960s where the church accepted donated land with conditions attached -- that a temple would be build there) -- area members donated $15 million (a price estimated before any plans were drawn up).
The temple actually cost less than that to build (probably $9-10 million)  and so the unused money funded the temple's complete operating costs for several years.
Also, the Jordan River Temple has six endowment ordinance rooms that can seat 125 church members -- the highest capacity endowment temple in the church.

                     A painting of the original Ogden Temple by Keith Wilcox.

3. The Ogden Temple was the first temple in the church to feature six ordinance rooms.
In its first month of operation in 1971, the temple did more endowment work than all other Utah temples combined.
It was also the first temple in the U.S. to feature a film to present the endowment, instead of having to move, room-to-room.
In addition, this is the only temple to be torn down and rebuilt, with just the cornerstone left of the original structure.

                           The "new" Ogden Temple from the west side.

                     The S.E. corner of the rebuilt Ogden Temple.

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