Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wickedest Earth vs. "Other" Earths

Read Moses chapter 7 and you realize there are other earths out there, maybe even some in a similar existence of mortal probation like our earth right now.
Our earth is the wickedest of all earths (Moses 7:36), but what would these other, less wicked earths be like?
Intriguing possibilities for thought and perhaps the basis for a good LDS novel some day.
I would suspect these other earths are much more boring in many respects than ours.
They may have never had a world war, invented nuclear weapons or have a preoccupation with TV shows and movies either.
If our earth really contains both the wickedest and the most righteous souls of all, as a balance, then are these other earths more average?
Our earth is certainly a low end telestial world these days and yet I would suspect these other earths are more terrestrial level status.
They may have had more scientific development than we have in some areas, not opting to go weapons development crazy. Murder might be rare on these other earths.
Also, church members might be the norm there, at least as widespread as Catholicism is on our earth. That could perhaps foster a kind of Utah "zion curtain" kind of atmosphere globally on these other earths.
How would it feel as Saints, to be the majority and not minority?
Here are some other thoughts on what these other earths might be like:
1. I doubt there would be a Las Vegas on other earths, or much gambling.
2. There are probably no X-rated movies or much porn on the Internet.
3. There's likely a continual prohibition of alcohol drinking and to consume it there is probably in the league of cocaine usage on our earth.
4. Men likely far out number women in the workforce. Many more women are housewives, and as such, there is less unemployment.
5. Travel may be powered by something other than fossil fuel. People on other earths are likely far more proactive in regards to pollution and have less accent on economic gain. Homes are generally smaller and more modest.
Jesus Christ was crucified on our earth and these other earths logically must know that and of our existence, because only here were there wicked enough people to kill him.

In all, they probably lack some of the extremes our earth has. These other earths aren't perfect, but a full step up from our earth. Something to ponder ....

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