Monday, October 21, 2013

First Vision Date: Sunday, March 26, 1820?

Official records and scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints state that Joseph Smith's historic "First Vision" happened in the Spring of 1820.
Every full-time missionary knows that in particular.
However, why isn't there an exact date?
That loophole is simply because exact records were not kept.
(There is also no exact date for the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood either.)
Two LDS researchers, working apart from each other, have checked various calendars, weather records and the usual dates for maple tree production in New York State -- and both have found that Sunday, March 26, was the likely date for Joseph Smith's First Vision.
Based on Joseph's own description of the weather, that's the only date that fits the bill.
John P. Pratt and Dr. John C. Lefgren both came up with that same March 26, 1820 date.
Lefgren in particular, found that April 6, 1820 was cloudy and freezing weather that day. So, it could not have been on that date.

-A detailed account of Dr. Lefgren's weather research was previously published in the Meridian on-line LDS Magazine.

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  1. Hi Lynn! It's Sheila :)) I'm preparing my Gospel Doctrine and Church History class lesson and I came across this pic of the first vision and really liked it and low and behold it's on your blog!! My husband is actually related to the Prophet Joseph through Catherine Walker ( Bruce's g+ grandmother sealed to him) and her sister/his great + aunt Lucy Walker Smith Kimball later sealed to Heber C, Lorin Walker a brother to these gals, married Lorina Smith Hyrum Smith's daughter! We have some copies of amazing journals, handwritten, of the experience of Catherine and Lucy and polygamy /eternal marriage etc, It is pretty amazing, If you are ever up in our neck of the woods you'll need to come visit us and I'll show you them. Love, the Hunters:)


    this is my favorite hymn: My husband is an organist at the Ogden Temple and has played the MoTab organ as well. "If you can hie to kolob"