Saturday, September 7, 2013

What Personal Revelation Is and Isn't ....

Too many LDS Church members don't understand the 

Gospel, or what personal revelation is.

It is "personal" -- for you and your family only -- kind of 

revelation, not usually to be shared with the 

world at large, or you are casting your pearls before swine.

Case in point is a church member who recently wrote a 

book centered around when he saw God.

I argue the man didn't really see God or he wouldn't be 

sharing this experience all over the place.

Joseph Smith was a lone exception in this dispensation to 

seeing God and going full scale public.

Do you hear today's Apostles telling of such visits by God? 

No, you don't and I say God isn't going to show 

himself to someone if they are going to make it full scale 


Furthermore, ALL these people making such claims of divine 

visits have a personal agenda.

Take the late Max Skousen. He was visited by an angel of 

light on a California beach, who told Max to go tell President 

David O. McKay that he was wrong.

Max Skousen did exactly that.

This other man who wrote the recent book about seeing 

God has an agenda too -- he believes the church's leaders 

have gone astray. If that isn't apostasy, then what is?

Too many active church members read only the Book of 

Mormon over and over again and don't really understand 

the Gospel, or they would know you don't cast your pearls 

before swine and how to tell apostasy -- by their fruits ye 

shall know them.

The church member who wrote the book has been asked to 

discontinue it. He said he won't, so he is already on the 

road to full apostasy.

Only the prophet receives revelation for the entire church.

-And, there are some others in the church who also 

currently claim personal revelations, like visions of the last 


Again, the fact that these members post personal 

revelations all over the Internet -- again casting pearls 

before swine at the least -- prove their claims carry no 


Brigham Young said God does not reveal any secrets to 

those who cannot keep a secret.

NOTE: This article and all of the NighUntoKolob blog are NOT an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are the author's conclusions and opinions only.

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