Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Whatever Happened to J. Golden Kimball?

                             One of the popular books on J. Golden Kimball.

He was a legend ...
Elder J. Golden Kimball was without a doubt the most colorful of LDS Church General Authorities ever.
His startling language and straight-forward approach has led to many a great story and a fleet of books.
However, few seem to know what ever happened to J. Golden.
He actually died in a traffic accident on  Sept. 2, 1938, 35 miles east of Reno, Nev.
Elder Kimball, 85, had been visiting his daughter, who lived in Reno, and was returning.
Kimball's son-in-law was driving the vehicle and lost control when he approached a detour sign.
Some others in the vehicle had broken bones, but Elder Kimball was the only casualty.
In that era, ambulances didn't run.
It was a passing Greyhound bus that transported the injured to a Reno hospital.
However, Kimball's body was left at the 6:15 a.m. accident scene until early afternoon, pending an investigation.

The First Presidency of the LDS Church stated on the day of his passing:
"We are deeply shocked with the tragic passing of President J. Golden Kimball. He was a straight-talking, stalwart defender of the Gospel. He did valiant work. He will be greatly missed. We mourn with the family in their heavy loss."

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