Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Technology vs. disruption in church meetings

I felt I had to purchase a mobile device to remain active in my ward.
The bishopric once again missed the deadline for ordering manuals and then decided to not purchase any priesthood/relief society manuals for 2016. Getting one is all on your own and at this writing they are none in stock to purchase anyway.

So, I buy a kindle.

I then tried out my new Kindle in Sacrament meeting, 

needing help to connect to the Wi-Fi, to be ready for 

Priesthood meeting later in the block.

Somehow I  accidentally activated an Arnold 

Schwarzenegger war game, that came up as an ad, the 

second time I turned the device on in Sacrament meeting.

I couldn't switch off the kindle as the game was playing.

My wife and son were greatly amused and finally switched it 

off for me.

(Me, I figured Arnold  probably hasn't been to church for a 

while, so maybe that  helped him ...)

After using the kindle now, it is very handy to have the 

manuals right there, plus all the standard works and the 

Ensign Magazines -- and more resources.

Still, there's a learning curve in knowing how to use such devices and feeling comfortable to do so -- especially for the older crowd.
Their presence also equals occasional disruptions in meetings when things go wrong, cause I'm sure I'm not the only one with a tale like this.

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