Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Social Media helps keep the Church purer?

IT came to light in November of 2015, probably thanks to social media (Facebook), that a Boston LDS Stake had been poised to experiment with a shorter meeting block, one of 2 hours and 15 minutes, instead of three hours.
This plan was to presumably delete Sunday School.
(Rumors that the Church would shorten the 3-hour block have been going around for at least 20 years, with no official support ...)
Anyway, turns out this Boston Stake's plans were rogue and not approved by the General Authorities.
LDS Church headquarters released this statement after finding out about this plan:

"After recognizing it was not within Church guidelines, local Church leadership in the Boston Massachusetts Stake decided to drop plans to shorten the standard Sunday worship meeting schedule. The two-month experiment set to begin in the stake in January was planned locally with good intentions to better observe the Sabbath Day."

My wife-to-be was in one of the original pilot wards of the late 1970s in Ogden, Utah that pre-tested today's 3-hour block plan. That was  an official, Church sanctioned pilot program. So, such pilot programs are at times officially used by the Church to test changes.

This Boston meeting plan was not official. 

 If the early AD Christian Saints had Facebook to use, perhaps the Great Apostasy would have been delayed somewhat. 

And, today wards and stakes that try such rogue behavior may not get away with it for long, thanks to social media ...
Some stakes I know of in the past that tried to enforce rogue standards for facial hair among priesthood holders, rename church programs, add extra questions to the temple recommend interview and the like would not likely get away with such inconsistent conduct today, thanks to Facebook.

Like Facebook or not, it may actually help keep the Church purer and keep some stake/ward leaders who go rogue, more in line.

-Going through my late mother's writings, I found a few more weird things that happened decades ago in the LDS Church:

-A Riverdale Utah Elders Quorum "ordained" their wives as "Elderettes" 3 decades ago or more.

-Priests in one Utah Ward at one time pranked in an unholy manner by putting some styrofoam pieces among the bread in the Sacrament trays.

-An overzealous High Councilor from Plain City incorrectly at one time tried to tell farmers that not only humans should refrain from food and water on Fast Day, but that their animals should too.

-A stake president in Idaho openly taught in all his sermons that farmers should not sell their grain to the alcohol companies. The stake president was secretly selling all his grain to the alcohol companies and making a fortune.

-Back in the days of "Cry Rooms" in stake conferences at the Ogden Tabernacle, a family in the late 1960s came inside the cry room and brought paper plates/cups, etc. and ate lunch there -- all while the meeting was going on.

-Women and even a 6-year-old boy said opening and/or closing prayers in some Sacrament meetings held in Weber County during the 1970s, long before females were given church-wide permission to say such prayers decades later.

-A Ward in Utah during 1979-1980 went an entire two years without ever giving members a single year-end tithing and donation receipt.

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