Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Oldies" Temple Endowment Night?

ONE of my former missionary companions came up with an intriguing idea the other day ... Why not have an "oldies" or a "throw back in time" night at some LDS Temples once in a while?

These nights could feature endowment films from earlier decades.
There are three new LDS Temple endowment films in use right now, but there are other versions from the '90s and before.

Of course, since there have been some endowment wording changes made over the decades, perhaps some of the older movies would not be appropriate for today's use (without some voice over work anyway).
Some of the acting in the old movies was excellent, though.

I think I saw the LDS Church's first-ever endowment film at the London Temple in 1975. (London and Switzerland had the first-ever endowment movies in use, even before any in the U.S.)

Previously, in 1972, I had watched the first-ever U.S. endowment film in the Ogden Temple. The Ogden Temple was the first in the U.S. to have a temple endowment film in use.

(The Salt Lake and Manti temples remain the only 2 temples that still feature "live" acting for the endowment.)

I think there were at least a couple of endowment films that came out in the 1990s, if not some other ones too.

-Of course, the temple is NOT a place for entertainment, it is for the serious nature of temple work for the dead and living. 
-I'm just talking having a little nostalgia thrown in the mix once in a while, perhaps a few days of the year when temple work has statistically been shown to be slow ... Such a feature could increase attendance then.

-And, seeing some old endowment movies could teach a little about history and change.

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