Friday, June 13, 2014

How 'Worldly' are You?

ONE of the biggest dangers for members of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today is becoming tainted deeply by the world and not even knowing it.
Believing the world's view/definition of "equality."
This is one of Satan's biggest lies today or ever.
If you believe it, you think that men and women are equal and can should do all the same things and that the roles of men and women are interchangeable.
Also, you may think the LDS Church is too harsh on gay marriage or homosexuality, meaning the Church should not consider acting on being gay, or gays being married as sins.
I absolutely guarantee the LDS Church will never, ever change their stance on gay marriage, or of women not being able to hold the priesthood.

Those are doctrines.
Anyone who teaches otherwise is in false doctrine territory.
Blacks and the priesthood was policy only and that's where members get confused. Policy can and does often change.
 Also, the basis of the LDS Church is that it has a prophet, inspired leaders and is the only true Church of Christ on earth. So, why do  LDS Church members who openly support gay marriage and/or ordaining women, believe they can tell the Church what to believe? That’s inconsistent and proves they don’t have a testimony that the LDS Church is indeed true. Furthermore, since many of this type apparently DO NOT believe their Church membership is worth more than their rogue beliefs, that are also contrary to LDS Church doctrine, they clearly don’t belong in the LDS Church. 
You can argue all you want about free speech/democracy, but the LDS Church is a theocracy and different things apply. You have to abide by certain principles to be a member in good standing, one being not to lead other astray with false doctrine. If such members  keep refusing to change, that’s clearly a sign of apostasy. They are not victims, martyrs or even reformers, they are in apostate territory plain and simple.
-An irony to all this is that one nano-second after a person regains the memory of their life before birth, absolutely all of these worldly beliefs will be realized and accepted as being wrong -- since eternity will dictate otherwise -- without any argument whatsoever!

NOTE: This article and all of the NighUntoKolob blog are NOT an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are the author's conclusions and opinions only.

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