Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Age of the Grand Canyon?

THERE was a scientific debate in the news recently over the age of the Grand Canyon.
The debate was some new, still inconclusive evidence, that might show some of the Grand Canyon to be less than 6 million years old, vs. the traditional 70-million plus age.
Science can have their day, but Gospel of Jesus Christ-wise, the Grand Canyon might be less than 2,000 years old!
Following the death of Jesus Christ in about 34 A.D., the whole face of the Earth changed in the Americas.
Read 3 Nephi Chapter 8 in the Book of Mormon and verses 10, 12 and 17-18 in particular talk about the Earth being deformed and of cracks and even mountains rising up on level ground.
When the Lord wants change, it can come quickly.
The Grand Canyon could have been created then, or at least deepened considerably.
Man's science is believed to be advanced, but it is not. It just at the caveman level to God.
For example, the entire Earth is one giant living thing (Doctrine and Covenants 88). Find one scientific concept based on that eternal Gospel truth!
You can't, yet it is true and so man's science is nowhere near absolute and correct.

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