Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Look to Science or history to support your Faith ....

ANY members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint who look to man's "science" to support, or foster their faith is looking at the wrong source.
The same goes for history and historical evidence.
The Lord didn't make it easy.
  If man's science, or history, proved every thing, or even most Gospel teachings as correct, where would we be showing our faith? Why, there would be no need for faith at all then.
 Science and faith, as well as history and faith, will always be at odds in a Telestial world. That's how it is. That's how the Lord crafted his mortal testing ground.
You've got to have faith to foster your testimony.
 I say, so what if DNA evidence doesn't support the Lamanites' existence; or if supposedly the Spanish brought horses to the New World, etc., etc.
  Science today is NOT nearly advanced as man in general believes it to be.
  I dare so there are loads of so-called scientific "facts" man has that will go out the window in a nano-second once the Millennium reveals hidden truths.
  Man DOESN'T find out ANYTHING unless God lets him.
  Some of the entire thinking of science is based on incorrect principles -- such as leaving out the existence of God in virtually ever scientific fact.
 Also, the Standard Works teach that the entire Planet Earth is one huge living thing on its own. Know any scientist who will support that Gospel truth?
 Yet, that one universal Gospel truth that the entire planet is one gigantic singular being is enough to shatter the foundations of a multitude of so-called scientific facts man has.
  I dare say man is still in the stone age in science, as far as true science  is concerned ...
 - And, regarding DNA, the Scriptures teach that man's soul is his spirit and body together. Scientists today only understand and see human DNA. What about our spiritual DNA? Science is clueless of that and yet that is 40 percent of our makeup..
There ultimately is no conflict between true science and true religion, but that conflict is essential to the test of a Telestial World.
  Historical conflicts with the church fall into the same category.
  How many wives did Joseph Smith have and why? That's between him and the Lord. If his number of wives and/or the why of it ruins your testimony, then your so-called testimony is based on facts and the world, and not on faith and spiritual power.
  Anyone who goes inactive, or leaves the LDS Church over some seemingly scientific or historical conflict is going to be so embarrassed one day about such silly behavior that they will want to hide under a rock from God -- and will feel like they are in a personal "hell." 
 --Some church members are now and recently leaving the church, or church activity in droves. 
  In part, daily living is too easy and luxurious for most Americans and so they think they can get by without God and Church activity. Hard times are coming ... though.
 If you have no stockpile of personal faith built up, you won't be able to stand in the last days.

NOTE: This article and all of the NighUntoKolob blog are NOT an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are the author's conclusions and opinions only.

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