Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A More Authentic Rendering of Jesus Christ at the Second Coming Rendering

I prefer my doctrine to be as accurate as possible.

Hence, I took my limited -- make that very, very limited artistic ability -- at making the famous LDS Church Second Coming of Jesus Christ drawing in my home more authentic by coloring Jesus to have red apparel.
That's how Christ will look when he comes again (Doctrine and Covenants 133:48).
No, I don't care for watered-down doctrine.
That's why my favorite Standard Work is the Doctrine and Covenants.
No parables, no allegories, just straight-forward doctrine.
Now the red does make the painting stand out more in the room, but is that bad?
(Note that some of these Second Coming Christ paintings do have Jesus wearing a red-colored sash at his waist, so there is some small consideration to doctrinal accuracy with the work.)
In fact, it was a non-LDS artist, commissioned by the LDS Church, who drew this famous painting. So,  it is amazing how well it turned out anyway, considering it is one of the most used depictions of Jesus in the church today.
UPDATE: Nov. 24, 2012: My wife made me move this doctored painting from the downstairs family room into my den. She doesn't care for it.

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  1. The artist originally painted Christ with wings and a "bob" hair style. The church had it altered. The artist was informed of the changes and had no problem with the painting being altered.

  2. Although it looks more hot pink than red, I truly love what you have done here. My husband and I are thinking of coloring one in ourselves.

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