Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Most Common Scriptural Misconception

Erroneous doctrine is still taught at times in LDS church meetings.
Here is my No. 1, that just doesn't seem to go away:
1. "Father, forgive them: for they know not what they do .. (Luke 23:34).
I couldn't count how many times I have heard this scripture erroneously used in Sacrament talks and lessons on forgiveness, to support always forgiving everyone unconditionally.
Doctrinal fact: Jesus Christ wasn't forgiving everyone at the crucifixion by saying this.
Joseph Smith added to the verse through the Inspired Version of the Bible: "(Meaning the soldiers who crucified him)".
Christ has yet to forgive the Jews. He only forgave the soldiers who were acting under military orders ...
And, yes we are required to forgive everyone D&C 64:8-11), but Luke 23:34 is NOT a scripture for universal forgiveness.
(I think much of the problem is that a lot of church members now days read the Book of Mormon over and over again each year, without reading the OTHER standard works! They know the Book of Mormon very well, but not most of the rest....)

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