Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Mormon Doctrine" Has Arrived

I'll admit that I was a great admirer/user of Elder Bruce R. McConkie's "Mormon Doctrine" book since I first read it in 1973.
The book's first edition caused a huge stir among the General Authorities of the Church when it was first published back in 1958. In fact, the brethren of the day listed hundreds of points of controvery in the book.
The second edition, which included some changes which Elder McConkie, said were wise to make, came out in 1966.
The dictionary style, almost 900-page book, was shunned by many (and probably still is).
However, I noticed that by the time the 21st Century arrived, "Mormon Doctrine" began to be quoted by some official church manuals.
It took almost half a century and after McComkie's passing, but I believe this, his best book, has finally arrived and earned official worth in church member libraries.

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