Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is It a Sin to Visit The Las Vegas Strip?

Is it OK for LDS church members to visit the Las Vegas Strip?
Preference is up to the individual, but I think it can be OK, as long as you do not gamble, go to risqué shows and don’t lose hold of church standards.
One of my children hates the Vegas Strip because of all the people trying to hand you pornographic cards. Me, I guess I am always so locked onto all the "eye candy" kind of buildings and attractions you can spot, I look past the porn.
But even he, now into architecture, has to admit Vegas is great for appreciation of the architectural parameter. …
Las Vegas had a real "family attraction" kind of accent in the late 1990s, but now it wants to shed that image.
So, kids can't just run loose in Vegas and be OK. The "Pirate Show" in now Rated R.
The Bellagio water fountain show is rated G. So is a ride up the Stratosphere, unless you are afraid of heights.
There are plenty of family friendly places here. There's a Temple in Vegas too.
Vegas is like the Internet. It has the best and worst the world has to offer.
Las Vegas has also become a hub for all kinds of outdoor opportunities in the area.
I'd reminded too that I took two different German foreign exchange students in two separate spring breaks on a whirlwind, three-day trip of the Great Southwest.
Both saw the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Monument Valley and more. What did both like seeing the most? Las Vegas.
Their opinions may be the worldly point of view, but Vegas is certainly a "must see," something to visit at least once before you decide or make judgments.

I've attended wards in Las Vegas over the years,including one just off the Strip, and the members living there seem to be rock solid and have a regular temple attending attitude that can put Wasatch Front members to shame.

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